O&C II: Redemption - Gems

The following information is provided by Zomaru (Thx for this)

To determine the value of a gem multiply the following numbers. Each gem has 1 attribute from each group type.

HP 13
Strength/Wisdom/Agility: 8
PVP Strength/Tenacity: 5.2

Round: 1
Square: 1
Hexagonal: 2

Common: 1
Advanced: 1.25
Excellent: 1.5
Rare: 2.0
Legendary 2.5 + 1 extra skill

1 1
2: 2
3: 4
4: 6
5: 8
6: 10

Once you have determined the stat value the GS added is equal to 2/3 of the stat bonus provided by strength, wisdom or Agility. For HP divide the HP bonus by 2.5

Cost to remove (in runes)
Common: 4
Advanced: 5
Excellent: 12
Rare: 17
Legendary 50

Upgrade costs in gold goes up with level and quality. Base cost is 100 gold.

Common: 1
Advanced: 1.5
Excellent: 3
Rare: 6.25
Epic: 20
Legendary 20

1: 1
2: 2
3: 6
4: 24
5: ?

There are only 4 fragment types.

Advanced, Rare, Epic and Legendary.
Common breaks into advanced fragments.
Excellent breaks into rare fragments.

All stones of any quality cost 50 fragments to make. Advanced and rare stones can only be found, not crafted.

A level 1 stones needs another level 1 to level up. A level 2 stone require 2 more level. Level takes 3 more level 3.

The only legendary that is currently worthwhile is the HP legendary. It gives a skill that gives 5% less damage in epic challenge, at level 2 it is 6%.

You can use lower quality stones to upgrade stones but they give less value. This doesn't work for legendary. You can only use legendary stones.

I'm one of the people that help maintain an OaC2 on topic chat on the line app. We have a small library of info there that you are welcome to take anything you would like from. I've always been so thankful for this site I'm more than happy for any contributions I can make.

Also, I'm working on figuring out the damage formula and almost had it until I realized that almost all attacks are affected by both magical and physical.

I always suspected that a warriors seismic shock was affected by magical force but it never crossed my mind that a standard attack with my sword and shield would get a bonus from magical force, so I'm further behind on that project than I thought.

Anything you get from me is of course free, and you don't even have to bother with accreditation. I'm just happy to give back to you.