How to get Legend Weapon & Mount for Flame Knight

1. Quest: [History Revealed] and complete CSL, IDL, BNL & SRL

2. Daily Quest [A Plea for Redemption]

(You have a Chance to get the [Bloody Tears] from this Daily - i got on my 25th time i did this daily)

3. After u got [Bloody Tears] u can use it and have the Quest: Godlike Power

4. You need [Halberd of Conflagration] that drop in SRL from Nigel

(2. Way to get is Spamm Lotto and get Bloody Tear & Halberd of Conflagration)

1. Quest Breaking the Griffin

2. Quest Saddling Up (Dungeon)

3. Quest Mount Griffin

4. Quest They Grow Up So Fast

Closer to the Heart (Daily)
A Bone to Pick (Daily)
Blood Born (Daily)
A Pound of Flesh (Daily)

Instead of doin Dailys you can buy the Essences in Nick Shop