O&C II: Redemption: Attributes
Attributes Description
Strength 1 Strength increase Physical Might and Armor by 1
Agility 1 Agility increase Critical Chance Modifier and Defense Chance Modifier by 1
Wisdom 1 Wisdom increase Magical Force & Resistance by 1
Physical Might Improves the amount of Physical Damage you deal
Magical Force Improves the amount of Magical Damage you deal
Armor Decreases the Physical Damage you receive
Resistance Decreases the Magical Damage you receive
Critical Chance Modifier Increases the chances of dealing a Critical Hit
Critical Damage Modifier Increases the damage you deal in a Critical Hit
Defense Chance Modifier Increases the chances of defending against an attack
Defense Strength Modifier Reduces the damage you receive when you defend against an attack
Tenacity Decreases the damage you receive fomr other players
PvP Strength Increases your damage dealt during PvP

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