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Name Battleversed Sandcrawler Badge IV
Effect Armor: 352 Crit Damage Modi: 352
Level 29
Exp 5849
Material 1 x Diamond Companion Badge
43 x Magic Growth Dust
Speed: 73% Courage: 58%

Charge -- Trot
Increases your movement speed by 22%. Lasts for 9 s and the cooldown is 30 s.

Slowing Shout
Reduces the speed of nearby enemies by 5%. Lasts for 5 seconds with a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Pet Spells:

Ferocious Bite
Attack your target, dealing a tremendous amount of Physical Damage.

Guardian Growl
10% chance for Ferocious Bite to increase your Armor and Resistance by 5.0%, which lasts for 5 seconds.