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Name Boundless Big Bunny Balloon Badge III
Effect Agility: 184 Crit Damage Modi: 368 Defense Chance Modi: 368
Level 33
Exp 5630
Material 1 x Gold Companion Badge
42 x Magic Growth Dust
Speed: 76% Courage: 76%
Energy consumption: 1/s
Flying stamina: 640

Charge -- Gallop
Increases your movement speed by 46%. Lasts for 5 s and the cooldown is 30 s.

Aerial Ripple
Deals damage to nearby enemies and slows down their Movement Speed by 15% for 4 seconds.

Pet Spells:

Aerial Bolt
Attacks your target, dealing a large amount of Magical Damage.

Increase your Jumping ability by 60% for 5 seconds every 15 seconds. Only available in areas where flying is allowed.

17% chance that Aerial Bolt will reduce the target's Movement Speed by 15% for 3 seconds.