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Regular Maintenance+Hotfix Content 15 Nov 2016
2016-11-15 at 10:56 AM
Content of the hotfix:

Fixed the bug that the Artist Heart cannot be found in the reward list of Luxury Chests.
Removed items like evolution materials, contract powder and foods from Companion Chests.
Several new companions have been added as well. Find it out in game!

P.S. Compensation for players who got affected by the misleading Welcome Screen about Companion Chests last week is being processed.
We will have official announcement once the compensation has been finished.

Get bonus from killing Pumpkin King!
Event starts after maintenance! Detailed information you can also find in in-game Update Notes.

Fixed the problem that Decay Dragon and Greatest Icewalker cannot be equipped at the same time.
Fixed the problem that battlefield buff still works after quitting the battlefield.
Fixed the bug with energy of Flying mounts.
Reduced the difficulty level of Minku the Magnificent from Dungeon the Forgotten Mine
Fixed the problem with Rune Dig event

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