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Update 6
2016-10-08 at 2:48 PM
Flying mounts are landing in Haradon with update 6! Here are some answers to questions you may have about them:

How do I get these Flying Mounts?

In addition to new mounts coming to the game, a lot of the existing ground mounts can be evolved into flying ones. So now is a good time to start feeding and evolving your companions.

The current mounts that can be evolved into flying ones are:

Greater Icewalker
Greater Flamewalker
Royal Bonehorse
X-923 Super Mega Ultra Battle Mech
Magical Rainbow Unicorn
Azure Wyrm a.k.a Fluffy
Flame Knight Flare Warhorse

Can anyone fly using flying mounts?

You have to be level 45 to fly using flying mounts. If you have not yet reached level 45 but have obtained a flying mount, you can ride the mount just like any ground mount. The level restriction is so as to preserve quest lines and ensure that new players do not get lost.

Can I fly anywhere I want?

Yes, you can fly anywhere except for Battlefield, Dungeons, and PvP zones. If you fly over a PvP zone, you will be forced to dismount.

How high can I fly and will all mounts be able to fly to the same height?

Pretty high and all mounts can fly to the same height. However, different maps will have different height restrictions based on terrain.

Can I fly indefinitely?

Flying mounts are also living creatures, and as such they get tired as well and need a break after flying for some time. That being said, you can fly for about upto 15 minutes depending on the mount, after which it must rest to recharge its energy. You can either wait, or instantly recharge its energy using contract powder or runes.

Show your love for all things Pumpkin as the Harvestide comes to Haradon! Take part in fun quests and events, and collect awesome festival items, mounts, companions, vanities, and more!

Trappable companions are here! Conditions in Haradon have improved, resulting in a population boom in the animal kingdom. Explore and catch them all using special traps!

Starting with the coming update, you will also be able to gain Runes, in addition to other items, as rewards for completing Daily Challenges! Another great reason to get out there and do your dailies!

Store all the materials you collect in the Material Vault, and free up tons of precious bag space! You will find this feature in the equipment section of the menu.

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