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Upcoming Server Merge & PvP Crystals reset!
2016-08-23 at 9:37 AM
Server Merging is coming soon, and we would like to share with you the planned schedule, so that you are aware and prepared for when the merging will happen for your server.

Platform: iOS
Server merging schedule:
The whole process will be divided into two stages.
One week after Update 5 goes live, Coramir will be merged into Dawnwatch first.
After this we will closely monitor the servers to make sure the smooth transition.
One week after the first server merge, Trim Steppes and Mariner's Landing will be merged into Dawnwatch. Meanwhile, Sunken Hollows, Cliffside and Fendir will be merged into Whitepike.

Important Notice about server merging:
The following information will also be shown to you in game after the server merging.
Except for ranking in battlefield and tournaments, other information of your game account won’t be affected.
All in-game items including items in Auction still remain yours. None of them will be lost in the process.
Right after the servers have been merged, your battlefield score will show as 0 points. The points will display correctly after you play battlefield once.
The Name of your Guild could be changed to add a “0” at the end if there is another Guild with an identical name in the newly merged server. If you would like to change the name, please contact our customer care, and we will help you with it.
There won’t be any problem with identical player names, so please don’t worry.

Considering the trouble caused so far and the complexity of reseting crystal, it's finally decided that the crystals won't be reset to minimize the impact on you.
Link: Source PvP Crystals - Source Server merge

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