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Hotfix and Client Update - 5th July 2016 / Bug Abuse
2016-07-04 at 3:45 PM
//: World buffs removed from Battlefield. NOT Fixed

There will be a hotfix and a client update tomorrow which will include the following:

Crystal Special Upgrade materials will now be available in the Battlefiled shop.
Matchmaking improved. This is to address various players unfairly boosting rank by quitting queue and trying to match up with a fixed team.
World buffs removed from Battlefield.
Deserting teams will lose points and also get a deserter buff.
Rangers can now no longer shoot through walls in Battlefield, or any other walls in Haradon.
Fixed a bug which prevented all damage values from being shown.

Recently we have become aware of players who have abused a glitch in the game to gain a huge unfair advantage in the game. Not only this, but the extent to which they abused this glitch has had a huge effect on not only the game economy and balance, but most importantly other players.

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Hello Everyone,

So no, we won’t just sit by and let this continue to happen. Given that this game is less than a year old, we need to build a good foundation for all players and weed out the hackers and the cheaters.

From now on, any abuse of a bug or glitch that gives an unfair advantage over other players, will result in a temporary or permanent ban, depending on the severity of the issue. Also, if found guilty, all progress will be reset to zero.

If you are a leader of a guild, we ask that you set examples and fair play rules for your guild. The players in your guild look up to you, and you have a huge impact on the way they enjoy the game.

Coming back to the recent bug abuse, we are narrowing down the list of players that have abused this glitch, and the actions that will be taken will be all or a combination of the below, depending on the extent of their abuse:

Permanent Ban
Temporary Ban of 1-2 weeks
Reset of all in game items, pets, cards, gold, runes
Reset of entire account

For those that get banned in the coming days, if you feel that we made a mistake, you can always comment below. I will personally look into every suspected account.

For those that have been asking and writing to us about this glitch, and I know it will be asked, the leader of the guild that severely abused this glitch will be permanently banned. It is one thing to abuse a glitch for personal gain, but to spread this practice and encourage your fellow guild members to do so is very much unethical and against our rules. For the existing members of the guild, we ask you to please create a better environment for other players. We understand it’s a role playing game, and you like to be the bad guys, but please don’t take it too far.

And finally, on behalf of the Order & Chaos team, I apologize for not having addressed this earlier. There are many amazing things we have planned for the game, and with your support and dedication, we can build a great game to be proud of.

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