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Before Update 9 comes out, we would like to share with you our thoughts on the balancing, along with our reasons on why we are making the changes. This is to be more transparent in the changes we make, and also to get your feedback which can influence the final class balancing as well. Do let us know in the comments your thoughts on the upcoming balancing, and we will definitely consider them.

With the new skill “Oath Blade” , we expected the skill to provide huge AOE damage to clear enemies, as well as provide great damage in PVP team fights. However, due to the fact that this skill consumes all the rage but little damage can be caused, it seems to be less useful compared with other skills, whether it’s for PVE or PVP. Therefore, some changes will be made as follows.

The time for chanting will be reduced to 1.2s from 1.5s. Rage consumption will be lowered to 30 points plus no extra Rage needed when casting the skill. In order to strengthen Warrior's tank ability, inscriptions will be modified as well to recover HP.

In a word, we would like to increase the usage of this skill by lowering rage consumption and chanting time of the skill.

Skill description:Deals a large amount of damage on the enemies in front of you. Each extra Rage you have will increase the damage of this skill by 2%, the damage can be increased by 100% at most.

Halt:Immobilizes all the targets for 1.5 seconds. Each extra Rage you have will extend the duration of this effect for 0.03 seconds, the duration can be extended for 1.5 seconds at most.

Choleric:Every extra Rage will increase damage from this skill by 5%, the damage can be increased by 160% at most.

Anabiosis:Restores 4% HP. Each extra Rage you have will restore extra 0.3% HP, and you can restore extra 15% HP at most.

The new skill "Poison Dart" can deal a lot of damage in many cases. Other Classes can be terminated quickly when facing a Ranger. This makes the game “less fun” for other Classes. So we reduce the damage caused by Poison Dart by approximately 7%.

Performance of the new skill “Balance Blast” is not ideal. We hoped this skill would improve the PVP ability of Monk, especially against the Ranged Class, so it would be possible for Monks to slow enemies and catch up with them. However, the current version requires multiple stacks to trigger the ideal slowing effect, and damage caused is pretty low as well. So we are going to buff the skill damage and slowing ability per hit.

Skill description:Fires a Balance Blast, dealing damage and slowing down movement speed of a target by 15% for 5 seconds, which can be stacked up to 3 times.


Speed Kills:Removes the slow down effect, reduce target's armor by 7% instead, and it can be stacked up to 3 times.

Based on players’ feedback, the new skill "Sacrificial Shield" is too strong. A long-time shield provides great protection during which Blood Knight can recover the HP lost. This makes Blood Knight almost invincible. So we increased the HP consumption by 5% and shortened the duration of the shield. Initially, we hoped this skill could only be used when the life of the Blood Knight is at risk, and not repeatedly in battle. Also, we’d like to remind other Classes that reduction in duration of shield won’t affect the effect of it, so we do not suggest you meet Blood Knight head on when they have the shield active. Try to tackle Blood Knights in a more wise way.

Skill description:Consume 35% of HP to create a shield that absorbs damage equal to 50% of your maximum HP for 8 seconds.


Quick Sacrifice:Reduces the skill cost to 5% HP. The shield can absorbs 10% of your maximum HP at most, and cooldown time of the skill is reduce to 8 seconds.

Heightened Sacrifice:Increases the duration of the shield to 12 seconds, and the shield can absorbs 60% of your maximum HP at most.

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