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Battle Howl:
cooldown time has been reduced to 25s from 30s.
Lion’s Roar:
cooldown time has been reduced to 20s from 10s.
Furious Vengeance:
Reduced cost of Furious Vengeance from 35 to 25

Targeted Attack:
Description of the skill is changed to:
Deal physical damage to the target and applies a buff that lasts 5 seconds, which stacks 4 times and increases the skill's damage by 25% per stack.

Cost of the skill is changed to 20 from 25.
- Bump:
This skill now has the chance of generating extra 20% critical hit.
- Double Down: You gain 30% Movement Speed for 3 seconds.

NEW SKILL - Oath Blade:
Deal a large amount of damage on the enemies in front of you, expend all the rest Rage as extra Rage, each extra Rage will increase the damage of this skill by 2.5%.

Immobilize all the targets for 1.5 seconds. Every extra Rage will extend the duration of this effect for 0.015 seconds.
Every extra Rage will increase damage from this skill by 4%.
Return 50% extra Rage.
Increase your Critical Damage by 20%.


Missile Flurry
-Encircling shot:
Launch extra missiles at all enemies around the target every 0.3 seconds. Each extra missile now deals 50% damage, instead of all missiles.

Volcanic Eruption: Chance of critical hit is reduced to 10% from 50%. If damage dealt is critical, the cost of the skill will be recovered.
-Phoenix UP:
Burning now lasts for 10 seconds. Besides, Fireburst can refresh the buff added by Lightning Arc.
-Rejuvenating Light: Restore now 2% instead of 1% of your HP per second.
- Susceptible: Enemies within the field have their Resistance lowered by 40% now instead of 20%.
Lightning Arc:
- Shock Value:
The electric arc can hit up to 5 targets, and damage is increased by 30%.
- Healthy Hit:
Restores 5% HP, and restores extra 1% HP with every target hit.
- Electromagic:
Cost of this skill is reduced to 0 from 30. 5 MP with will is restored with every target hit.

- Recuperation:
The cooldown time of the skill is reduced by 1 second and 5 MP will be restored per enemy hit.

NEW SKILL - Arcane Overload:
Increase all damage dealt by 20% for 10 seconds, and restores 5 mana per second at the same time.
-Mystic Fountain:
Decrease the skill cost to 30. During the effect of Arcane Overload 15 mana will be restored per second.
Cooldown time of Arctic Blast, Electrostatic and Ice Blink will be reset after releasing Sagacity. Increase 10% Armor while the effect is active.
- Durable:
Increase the duration of the effect of Arcane Overload to 15 seconds.
Deal an additional 20% damage to targets if they are within 8 meters.


Scatter Shot:
- Ice Leech:
Recover 3% HP, and every successful hit will recover 1% extra HP.
Marked Man:
- Reinvigorate:
Allies will recover 0.8% instead of 0.5% HP each time they attack the marked enemy.

Arrow Rain:
-Slow Motion:
Inflict an effect that reduces Movement Speed by 30% for 5 instead of 3 seconds, which is refreshed by each hit.
-Lightning Strike:
Cost of the skill is changed to 20 from 40.

After exiting the stealth stance, resets the cooldown time of Sniper and Marked Man, and Triple Strike will not have a cooldown time for the next 5 seconds.
-Moving Target:
Leap range is increased to 15m. Invisibility effect is removed. Instead, your Movement Speed will be increased by 50% and incoming damage received is reduced by 50% for 5 seconds.

- Sharp Shooter: Skill damage is increased by 30%.

NEW SKILL- Poison Dart:
Shoot a poisonous dart at a target, adding a 4 second Toxic Boil Buff. Each time the target is attacked, Toxic Boil will be stacked, up to 21 times. When Toxic Boil reaches its end of duration or maximum stacks, it will burst and deal physical damage (each extra stack increases this damage by 2%).

Each stack of Toxic Boil will now increase burst damage by 4%.
-Plague: T
oxic Boil will now deals 50% damage to all enemies around the target.
-Venom Addict:
Toxic Boil will restore HP of your allies by 0.5% per stack.

Increase Resistance by 30% .


Earthquake Punch:
- Disaster Zone:
Increase your Defensive Ability by 10% for 6 seconds.
Divine Shield:
- Critical Shield (Bargain Shield):
Divine Shield will also increase 10% Critical Chance for 8 seconds.

Description of the skill is changed to: Remove all debuffs on you and your allies. All affected targets receives a shield that absorbs damage up to an amount equals to 10% of their HP, lasting for 5 seconds maximum.

The Shield can absorb damage up to an amount equals to 20% of the character's HP, lasting for 10 seconds maximum.
- Resuscitate:
Restore 5% instead of 3% HP to nearby allies instantly.
- Reinforce (Purify):
Allies who have the Shield will also deal an extra 20% damage.

Spirit Storm:
- Sloth (Impede):
Slow movement speed of targets by 30% for 3 seconds. Meanwhile, it increases your movement speed by 50% while casting Spirit Storm.
- Storm of Steel (Fleet Feet) :
Reduce damage you receive by 50% for 3 seconds.

Explosive Palm Blast:
Description of the skill is changed to: Launch a Palm Blast that deals a large amount of magical damage to enemies in its way. And restores 5% HP to nearby allies.

- Reiki:
HP restoration rate is increased to 10% from 5%.

NEW SKILL- Balance Blast:
Fire a Balance Blast, dealing a small amount of damage and slowing down movement speed of a target by 8% for 5 seconds, which can be stacked up to 5 times.

-Long Range:
The skill range is increased to 20m.
Remove the slow down effect, reduce target's armor by 3% instead, and it can be stacked up to 5 times.
-Forceful Blast:
Reduce cooldown time to 1 second.

Increase your movement speed by 20%.


Demon Blade:
- Blessed:
You can receive an extra Demon Blessing for each of your next two Dark Summoners. This effect will last for 10 seconds maximum.

Blood Pool:
Description of the skill is changed to: Summon a Blood Pool that follows you for 6 seconds, dealing magical damage per second which is increased by 15% with each Demon Blessing. You will restore 1% HP per second.

Silencing Ichor-- Passive skill:
Targets damaged by Dark Summoner, Demon Wave or Demon Blade will be stunned for 1 second and silenced for 4 instead of 3 seconds at the same time. This effect can only occur once every 30 seconds.

NEW SKILL-Sacrificial Shield:
Create a shield that absorbs damage equal to an amount up to 50% of your maximum HP, lasting for 12 seconds maximum.

-Quick Sacrifice:
Reduce cost of the skill to 5%. The shield can absorbs 10% of your maximum HP at most. Cooldown time of the skill and duration of the shield are both reduced to 8 seconds.
-Heightened Sacrifice:
The shield can absorbs 60% of your maximum HP at most.
-Speedy Sacrifice:
Movement speed is increased by 30% while shield is active.

Decrease the cooldown time of Bloodthirst, Demon Blade, Begrimed Brutality and Blood Pool by 20%.
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