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O&C II: Cards Fragments - List
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Name Mob Effect Location
Treeman Harry Protection (Fire) (6.00-100.00) Quest: Monk
Treant n/a Protection (Fire) (6.00-10.00) n/a
Lava Crystal Sanders Protection (Fire) (4.20-23.10) The Malevolent Mirror
Flawed Lava Crystal Sanders Protection (Fire) (2.40-13.20) The Malevolent Mirror
Garkan`s Phantom Garkan`s Phantom Protection (Divine) (6.00-33.00) Illusionist Arena
Krousican's Shadow Krousican's Shadow Protection (Divine) (6.00-33.00) Illusionist Arena
Lost Soul Lost Soul Protection (Divine) (6.00-33.00) Whitepike
Minku's Mirage Minku's Mirage Protection (Divine) (6.00-33.00) Illusionist Arena
Refrozen Golem Refrozen Golem Protection (Divine) (6.00-33.00) Illusionist Arena
The Prophet Eezhal The Prophet Eezhal Protection (Divine) (6.00-33.00) The Clay Temple
Bulette Lotto Protection (Divine) (6.00-100.00) Card Set
Leopard Lotto Protection (Divine) (6.00-100.00) Card Set
Wolf Harry Protection (Divine) (6.00-100.00) Quest: Ranger
Dragon Event - Lottery Time! Protection (All Elements) (4.80-80.00) Event - Lottery Time!
Apupcalypse Apupcalypse Protection (All Elements) (4.80-26.40) Illusionist Arena
Mountain of Carrots Lotto Proficiency (Shadow) (6.00-33.00) Card Set
Minku the Magnificent Minku the Magnificent Proficiency (Shadow) (3.00-14.30) The Forgotten Mine
The Mirror's Reflection The Mirror's Reflection Proficiency (Shadow) (3.00-14.30) Decay Mansion
Icy Corpsewalker Icy Corpsewalker Proficiency (Poison) (6.00-33.00) Trim Steppes
Heartbreak Horror n/a Proficiency (Poison) (3.00-14.30) n/a
Lisa Lisa Proficiency (Ice) (6.00-33.00) Decay Mansion
Mr. Chill Mr. Chill Proficiency (Ice) (3.00-14.30) Whitepike
Garkan the Changeling Garkan the Changeling Proficiency (Fire) (3.00-14.30) The Clay Temple
Nian Jin Lai Merchant Proficiency (Fire) (3.00-14.30) Coramir
The Iluz The Iluz Proficiency (Divine) (3.00-14.30) The Clay Temple
Fluffy Event - Fragment Cardality Physical Might & Magical Force Boost (18.00-300.00) Event - Fragment Cardality
Athletic Field 1th Anniversary Event Movement Speed Boost (0.60%-10.00)% 1th Anniversary Event
Renewal Airship Easter Event Movement Speed Boost (0.30%-3.00)% Easter Event Egg
Staff Drake Wyrm & Primordial Summoner Increases your Defense Chance by (1.80-30.00)% Battle of Greystone Fortress
Sword & Shield Drake Wyrm & Primordial Summoner Increases your Defence Chance by (1.80-30)% Battle of Greystone Fortress
Pile of Potatoes Sanders HP Boost (8.40-46.20) The Malevolent Mirror
Potato Sanders HP Boost (4.80-26.40) The Malevolent Mirror
Haradon Cup 1th Anniversary Event HP Boost (30.00-500.00) 1th Anniversary Event
Rune Guild Shop Level 1 HP Boost (30.0-500.00) Guild Shop Level 1
Baby Mountain Baby Mountain HP Boost (12.00-66.00). Whitepike
Elvalin Watermental HP Boost (12.00-66.00). Sunken Hollows
Greystone Fortress Crug Crimsonskull HP Boost (12.00-66.00). Whitepike
Harvester Mine Redhead HP Boost (12.00-66.00). Dawnwatch
Mountain of Potatoes Guild Shop Level 2 HP Boost (12.00-66.00). Guild Shop Level 2
Winter's End Crimson Skulls' Leader HP Boost (12.00-66.00). Whitepike
Gloomdale Skelezor HP Boost (12.00-66.00) Sunken Hollows
Mariner's Landing North Beach Chief HP Boost (12.00-66.00) Mariner's Landing
Renewal Basket Easter Event HP Boost (12.00-66.00) Easter Event Egg
Silent Abyss n/a HP Boost (12.00-64.00) n/a
Timberville n/a HP Boost (12.00-64.00) n/a
Remant of Ymir n/a HP Boost (12.00-64.00) n/a
Generator's Temple n/a HP Boost (12.00-64.00) n/a
Scepter Lotto Healing skills are (1.20-20.00)% more effective Card Set
Gauntlets Lotto Extra Damage 10% Chance -> (103.00-150.00)% / 0,5 sec Stun Card Set
Flameheart Flameheart Extra Damage (Fire) (12.00-66.00) Trim Steppes
Dual Swords Lotto Extra Chance (0.60-10.00)% (Bleeding) Card Set
Claymore Lotto Extra Attack (0.36-6.00)% Card Set
Cowl Lotto Defense Strength Boost (0.30-5.00)%) Card Set
Great Giant Great Giant Defense Strength Boost (0.30-1.65)% Whitepike
Darksteel Helmet Lotto Defense Chance Boost (0.30-5.00)%) Card Set
Brainless Brainless Defense Chance Boost (0.30-1.65)% Dawnwatch
Mountain of Pumpkins Lotto Defense Chance Boost (0.30-1.65)% Card Set
Pile of Pumpkins Sanders Defense Chance Boost (0.21-1.15)% The Malevolent Mirror
Pumpkin Sanders Defense Chance Boost (0.12-0.66)% The Malevolent Mirror
Steel Shoulderplate n/a Critical Damage Boost (0.30-5.00)% n/a
Frost Beard Frost Beard Critical Damage Boost (0.30-1.65)% Trim Steppes
Mouth Mouth Critical Damage Boost (0.30-1.65)% Sunken Hollows
Slayer Shoulderplate Lotto Critical Chance (0.30-5.00)% Card Set
Green Rambler Green Rambler Critical Chance (0.30-1.65)% Dawnwatch
Krousican's C.D.O. Krousican's C.D.O. Critical Chance (0.30-1.65)% Decay Mansion
Halberd Lotto Attacks also deal (2.10-35.00)% of the original damage to enemies aroun Card Set
Iron Cuirass Lotto Armore Boost (0.30-5.00)% Card Set
Giant n/a Armor & Resistance Boost (18.00-300.00) n/a
Alacrity Anthology Sanders Agility Boost (12.00-66.00) The Malevolent Mirror
Antool Lost Soul Agility Boost (12.00-66.00) Whitepike
Arashi Port Dominic Agility Boost (12.00-66.00) Sunken Hollows
Arcstone Mercy Agility Boost (12.00-66.00) Trim Steppes
Cogwheel Temple Revolting Leader Agility Boost (12.00-66.00) Sunken Hollows
Delicious Drumstick Lotto Agility Boost (12.00-66.00) Card Set
Fendir Khaloora Agility Boost (12.00-66.00) Dawnwatch
Flame Battlefield Spiteful Scoundrel Agility Boost (12.00-66.00) Sunken Hollows
Spiteful Scoundrel Spiteful Scoundrel Agility Boost (12.00-66.00) Sunken Hollows
Stone's Throw Green Rambler Agility Boost (12.00-66.00) Dawnwatch
Three-Horse Dak Treefury Agility Boost (12.00-66.00) Trim Steppes
Earthen Ruin n/a Agility Boost (12.00-64.00) n/a
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