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2016-10-16 at 4:08 PM Ansager: pvp bosse & challenge rush

2016-10-21 at 5:34 PM KaSaKakaDemola: Took a bit, but i did it - registered. Hello.

2016-10-21 at 5:36 PM KaSaKakaDemola: Must say best webside about O&C2, why is not so pupular? ;/

2016-10-22 at 9:37 PM Ansager: most people dont youse forums idk why i think forum always better than a google+ board

2016-10-23 at 12:38 PM majesticflow: Got a question Pet catching is a temporary event or permanent option ingame?

2016-10-23 at 1:04 PM Ansager: permanent

2016-11-21 at 8:31 AM majesticflow: Another question.. Where to get favor points fastest? I mean besides Sunken coin dailies...

2017-01-12 at 1:56 AM Ansager: instant quests

2017-01-20 at 6:12 PM sandrnell: does anyone know if the microsoft/windows platform is going to be updated?

2017-01-20 at 6:12 PM sandrnell: 2) how do i level/rank up my succubus temptation card windows platform